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      2019 UCPAC
Dancing Under the Harvest Moon

By popular request, Purple Swans returned to Union County Performing Arts Center in the fall of 2019 after a highly praised inaugural dance gala “Journey to Shangri-La” in 2016. Our brand new show, “Dancing under the Harvest Moon”, integrates indigenous Chinese dances and songs with classic American Pop, Jazz and Broadway numbers. More than a thousand audiences experienced a grand celebration of Chinese and American music and dance styles while coming together to support stressed youth in our communities. Personal stories of fighting mental health issues were shared on stage by Purple Swans’ dancer and her now adult daughter and touched hearts of many audiences. All net proceeds from the show in the amount of $11,684 were donated to the Mental Health Association in NJ to provide youth mental health first aid. More targeted programs and more help are on the way!


If needed, please use YouTube or 哔哩哔哩 to watch the above video


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