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      2015-2019 Baldwin Oaks Senior Center

- Mother's Day and Father's Day Celebration

From 2015 to 2019, each year Purple Swans performers visited the Baldwin Oaks Senior Center in Parsippany NJ to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with the elderly residents whom they’ve known well over the years. Carefully curated programs revived memories of good old days, or opened up a window to artistic experiences they’ve never had before. Purple Swans performers danced and sang their heart out and audiences clapped their heart out.

After a recent visit, a senior resident in her 90s told a dancer while holding her hands: “You girls are so beautiful! I haven’t seen something like this for many many years.” The dancer asked the lady’s name and then responded: “Helen, I’m so happy you like our dance! We’ll come back next year and I’ll look for you in the audience.” “Sure!” replied Helen with a beaming smile. A deal is sealed. See you next year!


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