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2018 Baldwin Oaks Senior Center

- Mother's Day & Father's Day Celebration

Waking up the morning after the Purple Swans’ annual show at the Baldwin Oaks Senior Center, elderly residents were exchanging their comments for last night’s event.

“The blue dance dress is so brilliant! I woke up this morning and my eyes were still caught up with blue sparkles!”


“There are two dancers who are almost our age! They are so graceful. A true inspiration!”


“Did you hear those kids reciting Chinese poetries? They are not even from Chinese families and I don’t know how they could learn Chinese so well!”


“I’ve never seen an Indian dance like that. That Indian boy is like an energizing bunny!”


“These Purple Swan kids came visit us every year, with brand new programs and foods and snacks. I’m so happy to see them again and start counting the days for their revisit next year.”

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